beautiful and inspiring music!

Aaron Pyne

We love the new web-site! Jeanne is a delightful, brilliant virtuoso!

Steven and Kitty Leonard

[email protected]

[email protected]

Steven and Kitty Leonard

The beautiful artwork and music in this website completely capture the essence of Jeanne Johnson and Music of the Spheres…they delight the senses and captivate the soul!

Louise Meeker

Very delicately designed web site and more accompanied with an oh so soft soul touching music.

Thanks for what you do for the music world Mrs. Johnson !

Tony Fernandez

Such beautiful Artwork that captures you perfectly!!

Tonya Somers

I continue to be ‘mesmerized’ by the heart-fulness & full-Spirited character of your creative art & life in general! WOW! . . . matched perfectly with an amazing, Spirited snapshot of your life-work through a creative, ingenious website! Powerful!

Michael Coker


Terry Segal

A beautiful website and beautiful playing! Congratulations!

Carol Ramirez

Such awesome playing, very inspiring!

David Davidson

Beautiful playing and a beautiful website. Congratulations! Oh, and nice to see you after all these years! 🙂


Great pleasure to the ears and eyes! You sound terrific.

Claudine Torfs

Incredible site filled with music and beauty. You radiate beauty and warmth and your music is an extension of you – and speaks to others to touch their souls. I am honored to know you and to visit your site!