“stunningly effusive”

–Bloomington Herald-Times


“jet-propelled…. exuberance and abandon….gorgeous….the last movement dazzled.”

–Classical Voice of North Carolina


“Long before classical music was stodgy, it was sometimes dangerous, unpredictable and bizarre…  Music of the Spheres conjured up a little of that old magic… delivered with gusto and the fluency of true improvisers.”

–Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle


“Both technically and musically admirable violin-playing… brilliant… a queen of coloratura!”

–Mittelbayerische Zeitung


“Jeanne Johnson played with great ornamental flourishes”

–Bernard Holland, New York Times


“How like an intimate prayer Ms. Johnson let this bewitching work die away…”

–Online Musik Magazin


“a true delight…   Johnson, whose sound is both muscular and elegant, begins her Muffat with wonderfully tremulous breathing notes;  in her Biber, she dashes off with astonishing ease ornaments that surprise the ear in the best way – technically daring and melodically inventive without breaking the stylistic surfaceBlendulf… is gorgeously lush, with finely detailed gestures spun out into spacious, living phrases.”

— Review of Musical Evolution CD in Early Music America Magazine



“absolutely superb, the highlight of the program!”

“Ms. Johnson delivered her usual virtuoso performance.”

“Ms. Johnson was just fantastic. She really got into the music with marvelous
ornamentation and clearly communicated to the audience that this is fun music!”

— Atlanta Early Music Alliance